Vik Shah - Adviser


  • Vik Shah boasts diversified experience in IT from a variety of industries throughout Australia and the Middle East.
  • Vik is the Head of IT Operations at The DLA Group and also manages the Technical Support Programmes for OMNIS developers in the South East Asia and Oceania regions as well as providing consulting services for DLA's major corporate clients.
  • Vik is an active member of the International OMNIS Community and conducts education and training seminars on OMNIS Technologies.
  • Vik has designed and implemented several high end IT projects for multinational corporations in Australia and the Middle East.
  • Vik has also provided strategic IT consulting services through SCG to INSiTE and many other SCG corporate clients.

    Key Expertise:
    • IT Infrastructure design
    • Technology Acquisition
    • OMNIS Technologies
    • Databases, planning and design
    • Network and Security Management
    • B2B consultancy
    • Business Process Integration

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