Graham Watman - Adviser

  • Graham was formerly Executive Chairman and Managing Partner of the Sydney office of Grant Thornton and the International Business Centre Director for Australia.
  • He has been involved in professional tax accounting and advisory work since 1976, having joined Charles J Berg & Partners as a Senior Accountant - specialising in the accounting and tax affairs of high net worth individuals and privately owned and managed businesses.

  • As a member of one of the country's most renowned taxation and corporate advisory practices of its era (both nationally and internationally), Graham’s experience varied from manufacturers, rag-traders,
    importers and distribution agents to cotton-farmers, large property developers and investors, to high net worth investors; including the management of the Australian interests of non-resident businesses and investors.

  • Nowadays Graham spends his time as a professional director and advisor consulting on and managing the affairs of investor clients and companies (both resident and non-resident) which involves both the day-to-day management of businesses and investment affairs, and the structuring, financing and acquiring of new investments.

  • As an independent consultant with wide exposure to commercial and professional business issues, Graham is ideally positioned to advise clients and their owners/management.

  • In his spare time Graham maintains his rural roots through the ownership and development of stud and commercial beef cattle operations over three properties in northern NSW.

    Key Expertise:
    • Business and Financial Management
    • Directorship and Corporate Governance
    • Agricultural Management and Accounting
    • Consulting
    • Taxation and Investment advice

    Professional Qualifications:
    • Bachelor of Agricultural Economics (Farm Management)
    • Diploma in Financial Management
    • Associate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants
    • Registered Company Auditor

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