Beachhead Australia & Beachhead US

Beachheads are ideal for companies who need a local US or Australian presence to develop business in these markets.

Santa Clara Group’s Beachhead Australia service assists US companies who wish to enter the Australian market and Beachhead US assists companies wishing to enter the US market.

The “Beachhead” Service offers:

  • a way of minimising risk and maximising the potential for successfully entering the new market
  • provide a lower cost market entry solution
  • identify, quantify and qualify demand
  • identify joint venture or strategic alliance partners
  • recruit local staff
  • the 'next step' after demand has been proven in a market
  • achieve a local presence without the overheads of a fixed office lease and permanent local staff
  • help secure and support larger contracts through a local presence
  • enable closer management of client relationships
  • leverage in-market business networks and service providers
  • provide a local base to better access local grants and private equity capital

Santa Clara Group offers the following services:

  • dedicated business and market development services,
  • reciprocal joint venture, strategic alliance and distribution arrangements
  • structured corporate advisory
  • offering access to "shared", lower cost in-market facilities